can sex toys have stds

Well, it’s my experience that the idea of sex toys having an STD is one I just can’t wrap my mind around – can it actually be true? We all know that STD transmission is possible during sexual intercourse, but can you get an STD from a sex toy? I know this may sound crazy, but it does actually have a kernel of truth!

I have definitely heard of someone who actually contracted herpes after using a sex toy. In her story, she claims that she used a toy with someone else who had the virus. Her story, of course, is an extreme case – but it does make you ponder about the possibility of STD transmission when it comes to sex toys.

When it comes to the transmission of STDs through sex toys, the risk is real, but it’s very low. I wouldn’t be too worried about getting a virus just from using a sex toy. If you want to be extra safe, there are even anti-microbial sex toys on the market which are made of materials that cannot harbor bacteria.

On the other hand, it is also quite possible to spread STDs by sharing sex toys. If someone else has used a toy before you, then it certainly can pose a risk. The best thing to do is be sure to either use a condom over the toy, or use the toy yourself alone. This way, you won’t have to worry about transmitting any diseases.

So, can sex toys have STDs? The answer is yes, but the risk is very low. As long as you take the necessary precautions and practice safe sex, there’s no need to worry.

The primary way an individual would contract an STD from a toy is through skin to skin contact, as the infection can transfer from one person to another directly on to the toy and then to another person. The best idea is to always practice safe sex, and use a condom coated toy or solo use the toy itself, if possible.

One thing to remember: if a toy has a motor, it is an electrical device and it requires cleaning and upkeep. This is especially true if the same toy is used by multiple people. Dirty toys can collect bacteria and cause inflammation or even infection. Be sure to clean and sex toys maintain your toys using the right products for the material it’s made of.

Another piece of advice – if your toy is made of porous material, you should avoid sharing it in order to avoid potential STD transmission. You should also avoid sharing battery-operated toys if you know for sure that you or your partner have an STD.

I know it can feel overwhelming and scary to think about the possibility of contracting an STD from a sex toy. But all you need to do is make sure you take the necessary precautions and use the right products. It’s not something to fear – just practice safety and follow a few simple guidelines and you’ll be just fine.