how to clean sex toy reddit

For those who are curious about how to clean sex toy Reddit, the process isn’t as intuitive as you would like it to be. I mean, most people get all the tools needed to clean their sex toy but then miss out on all the important steps or use the wrong cleaning products. Luckily, I’ve been through this process so many times I can help you get the job done right. “Wow,” I hear you say – you don’t have to take my word for it – I’m here to show you how it’s done.

The first step in cleaning a sex toy isn’t obvious at all. It’s not to jump right into the cleaning process – in fact, it’s the opposite. Before doing anything, you need to meditatively examine the toy for any damage it may have sustained; wear and tear, discoloration, anything that can make the toy unsafe for use. Safety should always come first, and vibrators you should discard any damaged toys as soon as you notice any questionable changes.

Once you’ve established that the toy is safe, it’s time to actually clean it. To do so, you should prepare two dishes – one with warm, soapy water, and Penis Rings the other with plain warm water. Gently submerge the toy into the soapy water, then rub it with a soft cloth or a soft bristled brush for a few minutes. This will loosen up any residue or lint on the surface of the toy. For metal and glass toys, you can use a cotton swab dipped into the soapy water to clean hard-to-reach places.

The next step is to rinse the toy with the plain warm water. Be sure to use a gentle stream of water, so that you don’t damage the toy. Once you’re done, carefully dry the toy with a soft cloth or paper towel. Make sure there are no beads of water left before proceeding to the next step – otherwise, your toy could become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Now for the deep cleaning. If you’ve got a waterproof sex toy, you can submerge it in 3% hydrogen peroxide or a solution of white vinegar and water. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off. This will help get rid of odor-causing bacteria and any other gunk that might have gotten lodged deep in the toy.

If your toy is not waterproof, you will need to use an antibacterial toy cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the surface of the toy and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel. This will also help get rid of any gunk that might have accumulated over time.

Finally, make sure to store your toy in a clean, dry place. This will help ensure that it remains hygienic and doesn’t start to smell.

And there you have it – that’s how to clean sex toy Reddit. The most important takeaway here is to prioritize safety and sanitation before you jump into the cleaning process. A clean sex toy will help make sure you have fun, safe sex.