Night Out in LondonWell, the other day one of my friends asked me how to deal with parent finding sex toy. I had to really think hard about what to tell him as I have never experienced such a situation before.

Luckily, I was able to give him some advice after talking to a few other friends and doing some research online. Here’s what I told him:

First of all, stay calm. It can be really embarrassing to find that your parent has discovered your sex toy, vibrators but it’s important to remain in control and not panic. Try to take a few deep breaths to relax before entering any kind of discussion.

Secondly, be honest. Don’t lie or try to deflect the situation – your parent is likely to know if you are hiding something from them, and their trust in you could be broken. Instead, be truthful and explain the situation to them in a mature and honest way.

Thirdly, remain respectful. Give your parent the respect they deserve and sex toys try not to become defensive or hostile. You’ll likely have a better chance of resolving the situation if you keep your tone respectful and polite.

Fourthly, understand their worries. Your parent is likely to be worried about your safety and wellbeing – even if they are embarrassed by the situation. It’s important to acknowledge their worries and try to come up with a solution that both you and them feel comfortable with.

Lastly, take responsibility. Whatever happens, it’s important to take responsibility for your own actions and address any issues that come up. Be proactive and try to resolve the situation in a mature and sensible way so that your relationship with your parent won’t be damaged by this.

Okay, now that I’ve given him the basic advice, I wanted to expand on the topic in a few more sections.

First of all, communication is key. It’s really important to keep the lines of communication open and have an honest and respectful discussion with your parent. Rather than getting defensive or reactive, take the time to listen to their concerns and explain your own feelings calmly and clearly.

Secondly, try to be understanding. Every parent reacts differently when their child is caught with a sex toy. Some may be shocked, some may be embarrassed, and some may even be angry. It’s important to try to understand their reaction and take it into context, rather than reacting negatively or trying to shut down the conversation.

Thirdly, don’t take it too seriously. Chances are, your parent just wants to help you stay safe and have a healthy understanding of sexuality. If you can find a way to talk about the situation without making it too serious or overwhelming, it will help you both feel more comfortable.

Lastly, have a plan. To help ease the tension, it can be useful to come up with a plan for the future. Explain that you are taking steps to be smart and responsible with your sexuality, and that you will be making sure to practice safe sex going forward.

That’s basically what I told my friend when he asked me for advice – but obviously, the best way for him to handle this situation is to discuss it with his parent and work out the best plan for the two of them. However, I hope these tips can help anyone else in a similar situation!