I think, why are dildos so thicks? It’s an interesting question, and something that a lot of people have asked. My opinion is that thickness is an essential feature of dildos, and for various reasons, it’s better for them to be thicker than thinner.

IS 11993: Code of practice for use of screed board concrete vibrators : Bureau of Indian ...I know people who have used both thick and thin dildos and they usually prefer the thicker dildos. This is because of the more intense sensations and pleasure that they provide. The thicker shape also allows for easier penetration and more friction. So, with thicker dildos, it’s easier to get the stimulation needed to reach orgasm.

The bigger size of a thicker dildo also makes it easier to grip and control. You’re more likely to be able to keep track of where it is going and how deep it is going. On top of this it is less likely to slip out or cause discomfort if thrusting too hard.

The extra curves and shape of a thicker dildo can also help to pleasure other parts of the body. For example, larger anal dildos can reach the prostate more easily than smaller thinner ones. Similarly, curved dildos can lead to greater pleasure in the G-spot area.

Thicker dildos are also great for role play situations. They can give a realistic feeling that can simulate a sexual experience with a partner. This can also bring out hidden fantasies or kinks that wouldn’t normally be explored. With all of these benefits it’s no wonder why thicker dildos are gaining in popularity.

The material of the dildo is important too. Soft and flexible materials are generally better for sex dolls thicker dildos because they mean it is less likely to cause discomfort or fatigue. They also help the user to stay stimulated and focused for a longer time than a harder dildo. Plus, they can help with experimentation and exploration.

There is no definitive answer as to why dildos are so thicks, but I think it just makes sense. They’re great for sensations, safer to use, and perfect for role play and experimentation. I guess it’s just a case of the thicker, the better!