Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular among college students. I think it’s high time we give ’em the respect they deserve. They can be fun, empowering, and even improve relationships with partners. But, with such a vast selection, what’s the best sex toy for college students?

In my opinion, the best sex toy for college students is the one that fits their personal lifestyles and preferences. From vibrators to dildos, pocket rockets to fleshlights, there’s something out there for everyone. Experimenting with different sex toys can be a great way for college students to explore their sexuality safely and confidently.

For me, the real cherry on top for sex toy shopping as a college student was the portability factor. It’s nice to know that I can discreetly carry my favorite sex toy when I’m away at school, and know that I can take it out for a spin whenever I want.

But if I’m being totally honest, my favorite sex toy of all time (and probably most of my college buddies) is my trusty vibrator. Whether I’m alone or with a partner, this little battery-powered machine never fails to satisfy. The dreamy patterns and speeds are enough to send me from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds. Plus, who wouldn’t love a toy that does all the hard work?

Though I love my vibrator, I recognize that it might not be everyone’s favorite – and that’s totally okay. I think the most important thing is that each person finds what works for them, whether it’s fancy sex toys or inventive use of everyday items.

I should also note that there are a few important rules of etiquette when it comes to sex and sex toys in college. For instance, it’s important to respect others’ boundaries, ask for consent, and of course, practice safety. But, if used responsibly, sex toys can be a great way to make sure everyone involved has a fun and safe experience.

Now, sometimes I’m too lazy to take out my vibrator, so a great alternative I love to use is BDSM. This stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. I’ve found that BDSM can be a great way to explore and express one’s sexuality, while also having fun with my partner. Whether it’s whipping, spanking, blindfolding, or role-playing, BDSM can spice things up and make intimate moments a lot more enjoyable.

Sometimes I like to use toys when I’m alone. I tend to reach for my Kegel trainer. It’s a small cylindrical device that helps you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve orgasms. It’s also incredibly discreet, so I can easily take it with me to college or when I’m traveling.

Another toy I use with partners is an anal sleeve. This is a simple rubber sleeve that, if used properly, can add extra vibrational stimulation wherever one desires. I must admit I love it when my partner grabs me by my shoulders while I’m wearing an anal sleeve and uses the teasing vibrations to leave me both tingling and panting.

I also think it’s important to keep lubrication handy, whether it’s water-based or oil-based. Lube makes intimate moments way more enjoyable and helps avoid unnecessary friction.

I can’t help but also mention the butt plug. In my experience, butt plugs are incredibly versatile in that they can be used in various ways ranging from foreplay to teasing. And the best part is, they can be comfortably worn all day for an alternative kind of pleasure.

Finally, I’m a huge fan of the cock ring. Not only is it great for solo play, but it can also make sex with a partner feel incredibly pleasurable. Cock Penis Rings help maintain an erection and can be used on a variety of sex toys, like vibrators or anal beads. It can also make all kinds of new sensations for any gender.

So, at the end of the day, there’s no single right answer when it comes to what sex toy is best for college students. What matters most is finding something that fits your unique lifestyle. So go ahead and experiment – I promise it’s worth it.